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Welcome Statement

This is all I know, or at least what is on my mind. Knowledge in the human brain is immense and confounding. At the same time it is momental. What I mean by that is when you think of something, it is in the moment. You might know what the square root of 12769 is but you are not thinking about while you are cooking toast. I know how to cook toast but I am not doing it now (in this moment) therefore I am not thinking about it. Which leads me to a fundamental question; is knowledge measure by the amount of information we know or by the quality of that information. Steven Hawking is obviously a very smart man but does he know how to make a fire with two sticks? Does having written the book on theoretical physics have any importance when your small plane crashes in rural Alaska during the winter? Maybe, just maybe, being knowledgeable isn’t about your formal education but instead about what your expertise is  in the correct subject at the right moment.

By the way; 113 is the square root of 12769


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