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Invalid Arguments (Part 3) Assault Rifles

The term assault is defined as “A violent physical or verbal attack

According to most media reports now, it seems that almost all crime is committed with an “Assault Rifle”. What they fail to mention is that you can use anything you want to commit the crime of assault including: Your Voice, Hands, Baseball Bat, Towel to the backside in the locker room, Car,  Brick, M4, or even the AR-15. I am not arguing the fact that you can’t use a rifle to commit assault, I am saying that you can use anything! The media these days puts the term “Assault Rifle” into uneducated peoples’ heads to demonize not only the AR-15 but all weapons. This is most recently noted in the Navy Yard Shooting in which Aaron Alexis used a self modified shotgun to go on a shooting rampage. Unfortunately CNN still says that he used an AR-15. When they learned it was a shotgun the renamed it an AR-15 Shotgun:

In this particular instance he did not use an Assault Shotgun, but he did use a shotgun to commit assault on people. Just as a similar shooter, James Holmes, used an rifle to commit assault on a group of movie-goers in Aurora, CO. The latter just happened to actually be an AR-15. Unfortunately what most people don’t understand is that he could have used a wooden stocked rifle and had the same results. The difference is the scary factor.

Many people use the term to describe an Assault Rifle as cosmetic. I disagree. A cosmetic change would have no impact on the functionality of the weapon similar to the way make-up has no performance enhancing features for women. Adding a laser will help in accuracy when your brain is busy thinking about something else. I know that the bullet will go where the green dot is rather than lining up my sights when my brain is in gross motor skills mode. Adding a foregrip helps control the weapon system. The list can go on and on but these are not cosmetic. If you want a cosmetic addition, order the pink furniture by clicking on the picture:

In closing, an assault weapon can be any weapons system. Military or not,  Full Auto or Semi, scary looking or not. It doesn’t matter what size the caliber is, how long the barrel is, or how it’s made. It only matters in how it is used. To the people that get their information from the TV without researching it, the picture below is of two separate guns. The top is a hunting rifle and the bottom is an assault rifle. To the knowledgeable, one is simply wooden and the other is metal.


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